Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

At midnight on Friday something BIG is about to happen here at Drink & Hunt and TTDWB. Something AMAZING! It’s going to be knock your socks off… and it’s going to include quite a few beers.

Hold on to your hats folks, because we’re really excited about this one. For those of you not in the Boston area, let’s hope you’re headed here this weekend. For those of you who will be here, this is going to change your life! Well, maybe not change your life, but it’s going to be fun!

More details to come, but trust us, folks… it’s going to be a doozie!

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TTDWB Does Dallas (recap)

Well folks, it was a fantastic long Labor Day weekend, and as we’re sure you understand, the weekend got away from us a little bit. That’s the price the Drink & Hunt crew is willing to pay for an amazing weekend! It’s only every so often that you get a chance to hang out with great friends and see new watering holes (and some old favorites) in The Big D.

A couple of shout outs while we were down there – some truly epic places to check out if you’re dead down to Dallas anytime soon: , The Loon and were all great places to get your “suds” on. It’s safe to say that those establishments offer a great choice no matter what your fancy is.

Uptown Bar & Grill: Karaoke! Need we say more! A great place to see and be seen in the heart of the McKinney Avenue social scene!

The Loon Bar & Grill: Just outside of West Village, (a 30 thousand dollar millionaire’s dream) this place is just old school. Brick, no windows, a great dive bar with some really generous pours! Oh, and its CHEAP, like the budgey!

Meddlesome Moth: One of the newest hotspots in the Design District. Great outdoor area and a ton of craft and local brews. They do a pretty sweet happy hour special as well!

So yeah, there were more places visited, but we here at TTDWB look to give you the “high hard ones” … the places that we thought were amongst the best of the best. Well, that and things got a bit hazy!

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TTDWB on the road!

TTDWB is on the road for the start of a long Labor Day weekend. We’re coming at you live from Memphis, TN – the home of Ghost River Brewing Company, Elvis and some lip smacking BBQ!

Okay, we’re not really in Memphis, it’s just a connection at the airport on our way to the final destination: Dallas, Texas! Yeehaw!

More from The Big D, soon!

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A good “cleaning beer”

So its a beautiful Saturday afternoon here in Boston, and our office here at Drink & Hunt/TTDWB is a mess. What does that mean for us? Well, we’re doing a little bit of spring cleaning. Well, let’s call it “late summer cleaning”, that seems more appropriate. That got us thinking, what is the perfect six pack to accompany an afternoon of cleaning?

We’re currently enjoying some Long Trail Ale – cheap, not too heavy and good on taste. There’s nothing worse than being active and getting bogged down by a heavy beer. Then again, there’s not point in drinking a “Light” beer either, ever. Unless of course your cleaning is complimented by drinking games. Unfortunately for us, that’s not the case today!

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The Great American Road Trip

So Billy Simons (website ) is a good friend of ours here at Drink & Hunt. Billy is an up and coming artist from western Massachusetts who is making big moves! Starting out in New York and headed to LA, Billy has done an amazing job of documenting his journey.

In addition to the amazing photos, Billy has met a ton of interesting folks all along the way, and shares his experiences in an amusing and descriptive way. Bikers, Hillbillys, the sights and sounds of heading west in a van and sleeping in Walmart parking lots. Its like sitting alongside him in the passenger seat!

So yeah, this is kind of a plug for his blog – but us folks here at TTDWB don’t think it’s anything more than a great bunch of stories written by a true road warrior and gifted artist. Give it a read and take a trip!

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The Red Lobster Beer Guide?!

First things first … what?! Second, shout out to “wchesak” on for pointing this out.

Apparently, somewhere buried deep in its , Red Lobster, the moderately priced seafood chain found near every strip mall on both sides of the Mississippi, has a guide to help its customers pick a beer that works best for them.

We get the idea, not everyone knows much about beer. If you’re coming off the farm for a fancy lobster dinner in Tumbleweed, Iowa you might know nothing other than Bud, Bud Light and the “fancy beer”, MGD. Maybe you want to try something “exotic” like a Guinness or Stella Artois. Perhaps it will go better with your Lobster that hasn’t seen the ocean in more than a week? This gives those folks a shot at trying something different.

It just seems strange. Stack on top this the pixelated logos, some odd coding … we’re not judging, it’s all just a bit strange. Maybe it was never meant to be seen?

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DC Beer week – Brilliant!

Thanks to the good folks over at and , we’re now aware of a magical time of year in our Nation’s Capitol. BEER WEEK! Yes, that’s right. In the spirit of sharing and enjoying the world’s best beverage, folks in Washington are banding together to give the common folk a truly unique event that celebrates beer. Very cool, in our opinion!

They have local “beer celebrities”, tastings and tie ups with watering holes all over the city. They’re even celebrating beer week at Nationals Park! What a great event. Take a jump over to either site for more details and locations of specific events.

DC Beer Week runs from August 20th-28th, so if you’re in the area this week, check it out!

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D&H Mobile App Version 1.2 roll out!

Down to just a little business before the start of the weekend, folks.

We’re very excited to announce the second iteration of our Drink & Hunt mobile “web-top” app! (For those of you not familiar with our mobile app, it is the software that allows your team to participate in the Drink & Hunt Experience!) We’ll be testing our heavily revised mobile interface this weekend with a few of our friends.

So what’s the big deal? Here’s the rundown:

  • More intuitive game-play (easier to use!)
  • Graphic enhancements (prettier to look at!)
  • Local trivia questions for extra points
  • Team-based challenges for even more extra points
  • Post your favorite “Hunt” pictures as they happen

That’s the big stuff – of course we’ve added some things on the back end to make our lives easier, too! Wish us luck this weekend as we finish up testing. Cross your fingers for no major fixes!

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Mini Melons?

Well, according to the folks the spoke to, bigger IS better!

Did you know that the watermelons we buy now are actually smaller than they were “back in the day” so folks can fit them into their fridges? Apparently these seedless mini wonders are lacking a bit in taste, but I wonder if most of us could even tell the difference.

If you’re under 30 or 40, you’ve probably been eating variations of these for a while now, so maybe we don’t know any better? I wonder if these mini melons would make good party favors? You know, those favorite summertime treats? Vodka infused melons! Now you can take them home with you!

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A beer friendly recipe: BBQ Chicken Salad!

Barbeque Chicken. Hot of the grill. Your mouth watering yet? Well, okay, it’s not really BBQ chicken, but it is grilled and sometimes you just want something different to go between those two pieces of bread at lunch. Over here at Drink & Hunt, sometimes the same old “ham sandwich” just doesn’t cut the mustard. This recipe was a random find but with a few tweaks (more hot peppers!) this was a super tasty, and just like regular BBQ chicken, is sure to be well complimented by a frosty brew of your choice!

Oh so- shout out to for this find!

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