KissMeKate – Celebration Beer

If you haven’t figured it out by now, some of us here at TTDWB and Drink & Hunt are big fans of many things “Across the Pond” (read: Great Britain). The upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is no exception.

Beer fit for a prince (and princess!)

Beer fit for a prince (and princess!)

Of the many souvenirs, trinkets, baubles and “commemorative” items that are being hawked to Britons and the world, the one that comes close to home for us is the new “KissMeKate” brew from England’s Castle Rock Brewery. For those familiar with the UK, Castle Rock also owns a number of pubs in the Midlands which feature its beers.┬áThink of them as slightly less “corporate” and distinctively English version of John Harvards or Rock Bottom Brewery here in the U.S.

Not having access to KissMeKate beer means we won’t be trying it here at TTDWB, but we thought it did deserve some recognition here. How often do you come across A: a Royal wedding B: a Royal wedding with its own beer?

Pretty cool if you ask us. If anyone in the UK wants to send along a complimentary sixer – just let us know :)

Kudos to @MAGirlsPintOut and @FBLTucker for the tip!

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  1. says:

    It appears you have had a typo in this post…believe you meant “Cate” :)

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