BostInnovation 2.0 Launch Party

Talk about a gathering! The BostInnovation 2.0 Launch Party held last night at Ned Devine’s was amazing!

After speaking to a couple of the BostInnovation crew, we learned that over 1,000 people were registered to attend the launch party. That’s no small feat to throw a party that large, but they pulled it off in style!



Our Drink & Hunt/TTDWB crew and some friends arrived just after 7pm  and were greeted by passed h’ordeuvres and free Magner’s cider. Pretty classy! The best way to sum it up: great food, good drinks and TONS of energy as entrepreneurs, friends and others mingled, mixed and exchanged business cards.

It was certainly one of the networking highlights of the year so far. Congratulations BostInnovation!

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  1. says:

    Thanks so much for the write up and partying with us! Cheers!

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