Hot Chocolate

We could be talking about the 70′s group with Errol Brown, but that’s not really in our wheelhouse.

No, we’re talking about tried and true “come-in-from-the cold-after-playing-in-the-snow” hot chocolate!

Spiked Hot Chocolate

Irish up your hot cocoa!

There’s been some conversation around here on how to best “Irish up” (read: add liquor) the sweet and sugary drink, and we were surprised by the number of different ways people prefer to spike it with.

So we did a little research. It turns out you can put just about anything you want in hot chocolate. Tequila, Vodka, Rum … any number of liqueurs. One of the things we realized during the course of our research? They all taste awful unless you doctor up the drink with half a dozen other things!

So if you want to keep it quick and simple – go for the obvious choice: Brandy.

It’s so simple!

1. Make hot chocolate

2. Add milk  or cream to taste

3. Add brandy

Boom. You’re done. You’ve spiked your hot cocoa. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

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