6 months in …

Well folks, it’s been right around six months since Drink & Hunt was conceived in the bowels of a random dive bar in Boston. We’ve been having a lot of fun ever since!

In the past six months, we’ve Hunted with over 500 people, helped people find some great new watering holes and made some awesome new friends. Not bad for a little start-up!

So what’s next for the D&H crew? Well, we’re playing with the idea of doing monthly or bi-montly Hunts that are open to everyone. Similar in style tour “Big Hunt” series that ran for 8 weekends in September/October of this year.

Here’s a look at some of the themed/seasonal Hunts we’re thinking about:

80's Ski Gear Hunt

Rockin' some old school Ski gear!

  • Ugly Sweater Holiday Hunt (Happening Saturday Dec 4th!)
  • The 80′s Ski Hunt (January)
  • Life’s a Beach, Think Warm Hunt (February)
  • St. Paddy’s Pandemonium (March)

Of course, we’re always ready to put together a Hunt for you, your friends, the bachelor or bachelorette!

As we move along, we’ll keep you advised of how this all pans out! Stay tuned folks – and remember to get after it!

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