Feeling like summer, playing with our hearts!

We’re big fans of summer. Swimming, getting a good tan (or at least trying to!), long days – you know the drill. We were okay when it started getting cooler here in Boston, too. But this back and forth is killing us! We don’t even know what beer we should be drinking. So we took a trip to the liquor store (or for the Bostonians “the packie”) and got ourselves a couple of six packs.

While we were there, we were reminded that there is indeed beer for every season, and thanks to our local purveyor of liquor, these seasonal beers run into each other. So in addition to the Sam Seasonal (Octoberfest!), we picked up one of the last remaining Shipyard Brewing Company’s summer seasonal packs too. Yeah, we know those come only in 12-bottle boxes, but consider it two six packs together!

So now we’re prepared. Bring it on weather! Hot, cold, summery or crisp .. we’re ready for you and ready for the weekend!

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